De Dietrich Αντλίες

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De Dietrich Αντλιες

De Dietrich Αντλιες. For more than 3 centuries, success has been our aim, a requirement founded on true values : quality, reliability, sustainability based on these tree core values.

Above all this a story of people
De Dietrich has always played a vital role in economic and social life. As a pioneer in the protection of workers rights, the company participated in large industrial projects from the beginning of the 20th century. Today, with 2000 employees, who share the same requirement of excellence and the same values, De Dietrich offers products and services which are weil recognised and which meet the current requirements of consumers.

Highest standards of quality
Whatever the model, from the most simple to the most sophisticated, all heating appliances are of the highest quality. Whether in terms of design, of materials, or manufacturing and on the details : our objective is to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment. These appliance are merit of the De Dietrich logo for their entire lifespan.

Sustainable innovation
More than just a tradition, innovation is second nature at De Dietrich. Entirely dedicated to the development of new technologies which link energy savings with environmental protection , more than 100 engineers in our design and research centres strive to create the boilers and other heating appliances of tomorrow.
The only real innovations are those that last.

The De Dietrich logo, a symbol of quality since 1778, is the world’s oldest known industrial logo. The hunting horn is still linked to the company’s name, as a reminder of the royal decree issued by Louis XVI to protect products from fraudulent imitations.

With one in every two boilers sold abroad, and with commercial structures and partners in more than 60 countries, is recognised worldwide. Here is a selection of some of the prestigious installations which have been entrusted to De Dietrich.